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I have been playing the spoons for over 35 years (never had a social life) and professionally for over 25 years. I’m married with 5 kids and a mortgage and support my family by playing the spoons! Only in America :)

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Based out of West Michigan, I am willing to travel , and have performed my shows all over continental USA, Alaska, and even Moscow, Russia! My program is ideal for corporate events, fairs, festivals, schools, and libraries. I also offer spoon playing workshops for smaller venues. My specialty is family venues.

I have a unique performance based around playing spoons and other types of silverware. Depending on the venue “Flaming Spoons” may be a part of my program. I consider myself to be a musical interactive comedian using audience participation throughout my program.

I have also produced the first ever Instructional Video on How To Play The Spoons, appropriately titled “Music From The Kitchen”. I have also published a book titled “Spoon Boy” Both my book and video can be purchased here!

5 things to know

about jim cruise

Here are 5 things to know about me. There is plenty more, but this is a good conversation starter!

I had the word “spooned” trademarked. It’s also on my license plate.
I taught baton twirling with the Bonnie Blue Bells. “That usually gets a reaction out of people,” my wife, Jean, notes.
I drive more than 70,000 miles a year for work and am pondering writing another book, “Driving with a Purpose.”

Staff from “Late Night with David Letterman” called me about performing as part of Stupid Human Tricks, but ultimately passed me over. I later appeared on a British TV show that aired a clip of me from YouTube. 

I have performed for former President Gerald R. Ford in Grand Rapids, for Mikhail Gorbachev in Moscow and for Mister Rogers in Pittsburgh.

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Jim Cruise
"The Spoon Man"
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