An Inspiring Musician, Comedian, and Keynote Speaker

"Fair & Festival Entertainment At Its Best"

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What Does He Do?

bullet1.gif (122 bytes) He Plays with 2 ordinary household tablespoons using music & interactive comedy.
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) Hilarious Impressions - Elvis and A Rap-spoon player plus many more!
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) He creates a Mountain Band out of the Fair & Festival-goers.
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) He plays spoons on the hands of Fair & Festival-goers. "Everyone gets SPOONED."
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) Flaming Spoons "An Entertainment First"

bullet1.gif (122 bytes) Family Interactive Comedy Show
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) Hilarious Strolling
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) Mini Stage Shows
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) Spoon Playing Workshop

Some Of The Nice Things People Have Said

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Clay County Fair - Jeremy Parsons, Fair Manager
"A guy playing spoons? How can THAT draw a crowd? I will admit I was a little unsure... until I saw the huge crowd at each and every performance of the Spoon Man. When you take spoons...and then add comedy, a true musical talent, crowd participation, and a great positive message, you have a blue-ribbon winner that any fair would want to have."spoons1.gif (3412 bytes)
North Carolina State Fair - Sandra Brannen, Entertainment Coordinator
"The Spoon Man did a fantastic job entertaining our crowds, and was very easy to work with. We enjoyed having him at the North Carolina State Fair!!"
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Ohio State Fair - Brett D. Chance, Entertainment Director
"Last year I was fortunate to hear about the Spoon Man, and booked him for the first time at our Fair. I am always looking for new,
diverse acts and couldn't have been more pleased. Trust me, this is more than simply a man playing the spoons. Jim has a very unique act which is high energy and incorporates excellent audience participation. Needless to say, he was a very popular part of our on-grounds entertainment. I am pleased to say that he will be returning to the Ohio State Fair. If you are considering booking the Spoon Man and would like to discuss him further with me, please feel free to contact me at (614-644-4126)."
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DuQuoin State Fair - Sammye Fark, DuQuoin State Fair Manager
"Jim's show was presented in the fair's free entertainment area and was very well attended and enthusiastically received by a large audience of all ages. Patrons responded that they found the show exciting, full of high energy, and very entertaining. The staff that had the opportunity to work with 'The Spoon Man' reported that Jim was very cooperative and professional in the presentation of his show at the fair. He worked to meet the needs presented to him by the fair staff. If you have further questions, please feel free to call the DuQuoin State Fair office at (618-542-1515)."

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Hillsdale County Fair - Scott Dow, Manager
"On behalf of our Fair, I would like to extend our appreciation for your participation at the 150th Hillsdale County Fair. Your program was an excellent addition to the Celebration. I appreciated your willingness to entertain and will recommend you to other fairs."

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South Carolina State Fair - Brenda Brooks, Director of Entertainment
"I would like to express our appreciation for the role you played in making the Fair entertainment line-up a big success. Your spooning was enjoyed by fair patrons of all ages. We found the show to be especially successful as a roving act, which allowed fair-goers to interact. Thank you again, for your cooperation and effort that made the event run smoothly."

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National Cattle Congress - Joanne Eggleston
"The Spoon Man was a
big hit with fair-goers both young and old at this year's Exposition. He drew a lot of media attention with his strolling on the grounds. The kids involved in the Program Discovery stage shows loved him. We wouldn't hesitate recommending him to anyone! I am sure we will be contacting him again."

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Salmon-A-Rama-Robert W. Garrity, Entertainment Chairperson
"Jim, I was hoping for something a little
different and your act certainly filled the bill. It was interesting to watch the people as they first saw you and the way you always attracted a crowd. Your strolling seemed to work very well. I am sure we will be seeing you next year."

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The State Journal - Register Newspaper - Springfield IL
"The Spoon Man performed all day Monday at the Illinois State Fair, where he was mobbed by Children begging him to tap his mother's silverware on their hands."

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Illinois State Fair - Terri Metz, Talent Coordinator
"Jim, It was great working with you for 2 years in a row, as one of our strolling acts. Your brand of entertainment was unique & enjoyable for both the young & the old. I'm sure you will be hearing from us again in the near future."

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Missouri Ozark Empire Fair - Marla Calico, CFE
"The Spoon Man was very well received. When we book our strolling acts we are looking for professionals - performers that will put in the hours necessary to entertain as many fair-goers as possible. Most importantly, have a great time while they are doing it! The Spoon Man can deliver that type of performance."

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Minnesota State Fair - Brian Smith, Entertainment Coordinator
"Jim, thank you for being a part of our record breaking year at the fair. We were very
pleased and will be contacting you again in the future."

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Norfolk Festevents - Susan T. Desilets, Programming

"Jim, thank you so much for your participation in the Bayou Boogaloo Festival. We were
happy that you contributed to its success this year. We look forward to working with you again on another event."

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Decatur Celebration - Fred Puglia

"Jim, super job. Your
stage & strolling entertainment was fantastic. This was the second time you've entertained at the Decatur Celebration. I'm sure you will be hearing from us again."

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Mid-South Fair - Linda P. Taylor, Entertainment Manager

"Jim, I'm so glad we hooked up with you for the Mid-South Fair.
Our audiences were delighted and surprised whenever they came upon you strolling the grounds. You were a particular hit at the social luncheons, where you had some of our more 'dignified' dignitaries on stage performing in your 'spoon concerts'. Not only are you a delightful entertainer, but you are flexible, which, in this business is a necessity. I wish you a successful year and hope to have you back again in the future."

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The Puyallup Fair - Candace Blancher, CFE Assistant Manager

"Jim, I'd like to take the opportunity to extend our sincere thanks for your
contributions and good deeds helping make this another great Fair. On behalf of the 1/265,171 fair guests we'd like to let you know you were appreciated!"

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Country Singer - Charlie Pride
"Nice job, Spoon Man"

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Country Singer - Jimmy Fortune of the Statler Brothers
"Spoon Man, you are great, God Bless"

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