An Inspiring Musician, Comedian, and Keynote Speaker

"Education & Entertainment At Its Best"

What Does He Do?

bullet1.gif (122 bytes) He plays with 2 ordinary household tablespoons with music in the background.
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) He has an audience Sing-A-Long competition. Everyone gets involved.
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) Hilarious Impressions. A-Rock-N-Roll and A Rap-Spoon Player.
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) He creates a Mountain Band out of the Patrons and Staff.
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) He jumps into the audience playing spoons on their hands. Everyone gets "spooned."
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) He has great educational messages, which are blended into his show.

Library Programs(click on title for more information)
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) Catch The Rhythm of Reading
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) Just Plain Fun Comedy Show
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) Family Night
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) Spoon Playing Workshops

(All shows approximately 45 minutes)

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Some Of The Nice Things People Have Said

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Northeast Ottawa District Library - Lavonne Marshall
"Our club members and their families loved the show. Your talent and enthusiasm are contagious. I'm certain every kid in Coopersville was playing the spoons that night."
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Cook Memorial Library - Nancy Hart
"You were a real hit.
Our audience of over 200 children &adults had a delightful time listening to the band & participating in all the other antics. Getting SPOONED was great!"
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Bloomfield Township Public Library - Marian D. Rafal
"The multi-generational audience clapped and tapped as you spooned and danced. They all were able to 'catch the rhythm of reading'. Thank you for bringing your unique talents to our community. We look forward to your return visit."
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Big Brothers/Big Sisters - Mike Urschalitz, Social Worker
"In my 6 years at Big Brothers/Big Sisters, this show was by far the best in its entertainment and appeal to all ages. Many of our volunteers also said this was the best entertainment they have seen yet at the dinner."
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Vernon area Public Library District - Ellen Glazik
"It is always a pleasure to see an entertainer who loves his work and tries so hard to involve the audience. All our patrons, young and old were mesmerized. You are truly a one man orchestra. Our staff received waves of compliments regarding your performance."
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Carnegie - Stout Public Library - Jean Gullikson, Children's Coordinator
"Thank you for your great performance at our 'Readstock' concert. We estimated between 450 - 500 people were in attendance that evening and we have been flooded with positive comments regarding how entertaining your show is!"
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Marvin Memorial Library - Linda Papajcik & Staff
"Dear Mr. Cruise, thank you for your recent program you gave to our children in our summer reading program. They thoroughly enjoyed your show as well as the adults who attended. Have a wonderful summer!"
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North Branch Township Library - Karen Lambert, Library Director
"Jim, you had a good response from the kids and adults. You also had a very nice message delivered to the kids on how to be a success in life by reading."
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Corunna Public Library - Sue Huff, Library Director
"The Spoon Man encompassed many ideas such as 'say no to drugs', 'getting an education', reading to have a 'workout for your brain' & 'listening to your parents'. He was well received by the audience. He has a very unique talent."
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Tipton County Library - Paris Head, Children's Department Manager
"Jim, many positive comments followed your show here and we look forward to having you back again in the future."
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Bartholomew Public Library - Melissa Reynolds, Children's Librarian
"We, at the BCPL, would like to thank you for performing at our Summer Reading Program. Your performance was entertaining, enjoyable, and educational. The message you provide throughout the program is valuable. We appreciate your support of family values and reading. You truly are a friend of the library and we want to thank your for sharing your talent and message with us."
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Milford Township Library - Gale L. Ford, Youth Services Librarian
"Thank you for bringing the Milford Township Library a most entertaining finale for our Summer Reading Program. Your Prehistoric Rock show was terrific. Every hand in the audience, young and old, was outstretched and waiting to be 'SPOONED'. Your show made everyone laugh and feel great to participate in the music and fun. We look forward to having you come to Milord again!"
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Kaukauna Public Library - Naomi Veldt Dvorachek, Parent
"Thanks for your great show last week!!  At the last minute, a neighbor asked us to meet her and her kids here, and my four year old LOVED it!!  I especially respect the messages that you subtly gave the kids about Saying NO to drugs, getting an EDUCATION, and listening to their parents.  My daughter can still  repeat all three of these tips!! Thanks again, in a world of way too much violence and bad influences on kids, you are really a welcome change!! Keep up the great work, and I hopeyou are back in our area soon!!"
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East Lansing Library - Debbie, Nathan , and Analyn, Patrons
"Spoon Man is funny.
Analyn-2yr.old.Nathan 4 1/2 yr old. 'The Spoon Man was so so so cool.' Favorite part - 'the marching band in their silly beards.' Can repeat the three steps to success with a little prompting.Thanks for a very entertaining evening. We all had a blast. The two kids came home and immediately grabbed two spoons and started 'spooning' away. They need a little practice. My husband who is thinking about a career change was encouraged to hear of a business major making a living playing spoons."
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Plymouth Library - Danny Borst, Parent
"I just want to thank you for your performance. It was fun, especially since I was given the opportunity to play Billy Bob--formerly Billy "Bobette"--in the Outback Hillbilly Band. It was a hoot!   I hope that you continue to delight many children and adults for years to come.  We will remember the three things that will help us to reach our goals."
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Adrian Public Library - Susie Kapnik, Parent
"We really enjoyed your show. My children went home immediately to practice the spoons! What good clean fun. We will have to keep  you in mind for a possible school assembly! Thank You."
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Beech Grove Library - Mom and Kids
"I took my children to see you at the Beech Grove Library and we thoroughly enjoyed your show.  Thank you for a very enjoyable time."
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Three Rivers Library - Nathan, 7 years old
"I really enjoyed your show. I would really like to be able to do that someday. You picked me to be in the Hillbilly Band. (I was the one with the courage to wear the yellow pigtail braids!!) Thank you for visiting our town, I hope to be able to see your show again sometime."
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Grace A. Dow Library - Dave Beyer, Parent
"We saw your great show and we also brought some friends from out of town (Chicago). It was a great show...lots of fun and laughs... the kids loved it (so did the parents).Thanks!! You have a great ministry tool there.  Keep it up."
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Macon Public Library - Brenna, Student 
"I'm writing you this e-mail to tell you how much I liked your show today. It's really cool how you can do that stuff with just two table-spoons."
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Carbondale Public Library - Megan, 3 years old
"I saw you at the Carbondale library and I loved your show. I am going to come see you at the DuQuoin State Fair. I liked your long tongue and your crazy hair. I have been practicing my spoons and finally I did it! See you soon!"
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Southeast Library - Elis Hillis, Parent
"A few weeks ago, I took my two year old son and my six year old niece to your performance at the Southeast Library in Columbus. Your performance has left a lasting impression on my son. Now he says repeatedly that he wants to see 'Spoon man', over and over. When we went to see the Pirate the next week, he looked all over the library for you. Now almost on a daily basis, he asks me to see you. Please let me know when you are giving your next performance as my son desperately wants to see you. For some reason, your web site name left a lasting impression on me as well.Thank you."
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Oak Lawn Public Library - Jake, 12 years old
"Whaazzah!! I was one of the ticket helpers at your show at the library. I saw one of your shows at St. Gerald's school.To me your shows never get old. I can watch one of your shows 100 times straight and still laugh."
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Dublin Library - Maree Ulrich, Parent
"Just wanted to thank you for an excellent show!!! The 3 kids plus myself truly enjoyed your unique style. I bet you are fun to have as a Dad, well besides the traveling. Thanks for an enjoyable hour. Hope you have a good summer."
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Whetstone Library - Jennifer Sanders, Parent
"I just saw your performance. You were wonderful. I work for the Parks and Recreation department for the City of Dublin as the Theater Supervisor, and I am interested in having you perform at our theater sometime."
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Galion Public Library - Gwen Earhart, Parent

"Recently my son and I attended your show.We both enjoyed your performance!! I've talked about you to many people.I must say that I was impressed with the three guidelines you gave the children. My son, 4 years old, is able to repeat them back to me. We,his parents, are raising him with that exact thinking. He is enjoying his trainer spoons. He's played for all his grandparents. I must say he's quite good.We wish you continued success in your career. You are an inspiration.Thank you, once again."
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Fulton County Public Library - Susan Eikenberry, Parent
"My 7 year old son and I saw you at the Library tonight. Thanks so much for a wonderful performance. I would be interested in some information on your school programs as I am involved in our PTA here in Rochester and I think it would be wonderful to have you perform for our elementary. Thanks again for a very entertaining evening."
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Aurora Public Library - Libby Louden, Parent
"We absolutely loved the show at the Library this week! I mom laughed so hard that my face was hurting afterwards! My daughters Sierra, 6 and Bethany,4 can't stop talking about "getting spooned." We intend to tell everyone we know about the good, clean fun and great message you convey to your audiences. We hope to see you again! God Bless You & Your Family."
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Aurora Public Library - Isaac, 5 years old

"I saw you at the Library Summer Reading Program Kickoff. You were so cool. At first I didn't want to go when my mom told me the Spoon Man would be there because I thought you were a monster guy. Then when I saw you were a real person that played the spoons, I thought you were neat. You played the spoons on me and my baby sister during the Rap Song. Thanks for coming. Now I'm bugging my mom to buy me the video. Have a nice summer!"
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Nappanee Public Library - Linda Yoder, Director
"The program was the talk of the town for days! How Fun! Thank you again for a delightful family program!"
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Lima Public Library - Debbie DeVita, Head of Youth Services
"The performance on Saturday was great! Everyone seemed to have a good time and your show is fun for adults and children. Each summer, we have performers come to the Library during June, July, and August; by far, you were one of the most professional and entertaining performers that I've booked in my 10 years here in Lima. Thanks and good luck with your career."
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Grove City Library - Lisa Wotring, Parent
"The children and I would like to thank you for the great show at the library. The children returned home and cleared the silverware of all the spoons. I want to tell you that your message got through to the children. You made their day so great that they are still talking about it."

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